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Kings Army Military Spray Paint Gloss Finish - monster-colors
Kings Army Military Spray Paint Gloss Finish

Military Spray Paint

  • £ 12.75 GBP
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Kings Army Military Spray Paint Gloss Finish

Military Spray Paint

  • £ 12.75 GBP
Spruce Green Bs 284
Off White Primer
Battleship Grey 7031
RAF Grey Blue 5008
Medium Sea Grey Bs 637
Smoke Grey Bs 284
Light Olive Green Bs 278
Slate Green Bs 634
Dark Sea Grey Bs 638
Panzer Grau 7016
Dark Admiralty Grey Bs 632
Flat Black 9017
Ultra Gloss Black
Portland Stone Bs 364
Desert Storm 1001
Middle Stone Bs 362
Green Brown 8000
Dark Camouflage Desert Sand Bs 420
Dark Earth Bs 450
Mud Brown 8025
Signal Brown 8002
Rotbraun 8017
International Orange Bs 592
Terracotta Bs 444
Red Oxide Bs 446
Camo Green 6013
Aircraft Grey Green Bs 283
Pale Green 6021
Reseda Green 6011
Verdigris Green Bs 280
Light Bronze Green Bs 222
Yellow Green 6018
Brilliant Green Bs 221
Grass Green 6010
Forest Green 6025
Light Brunswick Green Bs 225
Vietnam Platoon Green 5252
Medium Bronze Green Bs 223
Deep Bronze Green Bs 224
Olive Green 6003
Nato Green 7013
Yellow Olive Drab 6014
Middle Brunswick Green Bs 226
Deep Brunswick Green Bs 227
Wehrmacht Panzer Green 6007
Moss Green 6005
Grey Olive 6006
Olive Drab 6022

King's Army Industrial Gloss Paint is a unique single coat finish with outstanding early water resistance, allowing items to be painted and cured outside in inclement conditions. It can be applied directly over bare metal and most other surfaces and allows painted structures to be exposed to extr...

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