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Monstercolors Masonry Paint Is the Number One Paint for coverage & pigmentation, our new improved highest covering formula is suitable for most surfaces including Metal, Plastic, Wood, Ceramic, Brick, Canvas & Stone. Suitable for coating surfaces that are either outdoors or indoors & is perfect for areas that are subject to hard ware & tear or variations in temperature.

Monstercolors Masonry offers a 95% sheen level. Monstercolors masonry paint is specially formulated for both interior and exterior application. It also has excellent coverage and adhesion and is both quick dry and is easy to use.

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Monster Masonry Spray Paint - monster-colors
Monster Masonry Spray Paint

Monster Spray Paint

  • £12.75
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Monster Masonry Spray Paint

Monster Spray Paint

  • £12.75
Fresh Lime
Pistachio Nut
Kelp Green
Pure Green 6037
Pastel Green 6019
Medic Green
Turquoise Green 6016
Traffic Green 6024
Mint Green 6029
Emerald Green 6001
Olive Green 6003
Opal Green 6026
Turquoise Blue 5018
Water Blue 5021
Ocean Blue 5020
Light Blue 5012
Sky Blue 5015
Traffic Blue 5017
Sapphire Blue 5003
Paradise Blue
Olympic Blue
Signal Blue 5005
Ultramarine Blue 5002
Lilac Blue 4005
Pearl Violet 4011
Red Lilac 4001
Signal Violet 4008
Erika Pink 4003
Light Pink 3015
Tele Magenta 4010
Traffic Purple 4006
Nightmare Purple
Strawberry Red 3018
Mars Red
Traffic Red 3020
Flame Red 3000
Tomato Red 3013
Signal Red 3001
Carmine Red 3002
Ruby Red 3003
Black Red 3007
Lemon Yellow 1016
Zinc Yellow 1018
Signal Yellow 1003
Maize Yellow 1006
Sun Yellow 1037
Pastel Yellow 1034
Pastel Orange 2003
Traffic Orange 2009
Red Orange 2001
Ochre Brown 8001
Beige 1001
Traffic Black 9017
Black Grey 7021
Anthracite Grey 7016
Graphite Grey 7024
Slate Grey 7015
Cement Grey 7033
Silver Grey 7001
Window Grey 7040
Light Grey 7035
Traffic White 9016
Chrome Silver
Bronze Gold

Monstercolors Masonry Spray Paint is the number one can for coverage and pigmentation. Our new improved highest covering formula is suitable for most surfaces including metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, brick, canvas and stone. Monstercolors is suitable for coating outdoor or indoor surfaces and is ...

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