• What is the legal age to purchase spray paint in the UK?
    You must be 16 or over to purchase any aerosol spray paint from our website.

  • The can is spraying paint that is thin or transparent?
    Please ensure that the can has been shaken well for a few minutes to ensure that it has mixed and provides you with consistent results.

  • The plastic lid on my spray can is broken, can you please send me a replacement?
    The plastic lid does not affect the functionality of the can or its safety during storage, it is designed to protect the valve and nozzle during transportation. A replacement can be sent if needed.

  • I received my aerosols and the nozzle is not attached?
    This is perfectly normal and is removed purely for shipping reasons in order to prevent spraying whilst in transit, to re attach the nozzle gently re insert in the valve and rotate in to place.

  • Why doesnt the colour appear the exact same as it did on the website?
    The reason there may be slight differences in how the colour is displayed to what you receive is more often than not due the fact monitor settings vary from pc to pc therefor our display may be slightly different to yours, however all monster paints are mixed by computer to ral and bs standard colours.

  • Do i need a separate primer for monster paint?
    Whilst there is no real need for a primer with monster paint, where primer is available with a selected product it is advisable to use as this will result in a more professional finish.

  • How long will it take for me to receive my order?
    Under normal circumstances orders will be dispatched same day or following day Holidays can delay shipping by a day or two. At checkout you can choose express delivery or standard delivery, express delivery will be dispatched via 24hr courier usually same day or next working day standard delivery can take 3-5 days however is more often than not delivered within 2-3 days.

  • What are monstercolors hours of operation?
    Monstercolors operates in normal 9-5 business hours however orders can be placed at anytime and will be processed asap.