Kings Army Industrial Paint

Kings Army Industrial Paint

Kings Army Industrial Paint is a unique single coat finish with outstanding early water resistance, allowing items to be painted and cured outside in inclement conditions.

It can be applied directly over bare metal and most other surfaces and allows painted structures to be exposed to extreme weather conditions within half an hour, without rain spotting, surface blooming or any loss of film performance. Kings Army Industrial Paint is a formulation that effectively changes the rule of industrial finishing, since it dispenses with the need for heated or forced curing.

This paint formula was inspired by the need for an underwater marine finishing system.

Kings Army Industrial Paint is an ultra-high solids, quick drying coating containing high levels of anti-corrosive pigment. Exceptionally easy to apply, it has a heavily structured, thixotropic consistency, giving a film thickness of around 150 microns, without runs or defects. It offers outstanding early moisture resistance, with no loss of performance under highly adverse weather conditions, and will actually dry under water, so there is no need for forced curing.

Each 400ML can comes with a colour coded paint label & a unique fan spray cap actuator.

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